The Colosseum

The model is an adaptation of a section of the Colosseum in Rome as it might have appeared in its full glory.  Constructed from over 23,000 LEGO® pieces, the Flavian amphitheater is a tight arrangement of three closely fitting layers; an inner layer that comprises the seats closest to the arena; a middle layer that comprises the upper tiers of seats and the emperor’s viewing platform; and the peripheral section that comprises the arches and statues.  Most of the statues are unique and depict warriors, gods/goddesses, and mythical beasts.  The fountain was modelled after the image of a Roman goddess.

While no instructions were used to make the model, the build was relatively simple.  It relies upon repeating the same brick stacking technique used to build the seating along an arc.  The outside panels are structurally the same; only the details in the statues and around the statues differ. 

The model will feature at this years Bricks-by-the-bay convention in San Francisco on July 11-14.  Its one of the largest LEGO conventions in the Western United States. Hans will also be giving a presentation on creative thinking using LEGO at the event on Saturday July 13 2019.

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