Stactiles work seamlessly with the most popular brands of interlocking building bricks such as LEGO®. Stactiles are high quality, lightweight, and portable for play on the go.

High Quality Building Plates

Stactiles are instruction free shaped building plates that can be decorated with the most popular interlocking building brick brands. Stactiles strike a balance between serving as a guide and encouraging experimentation and self-expression.

Construction without Instruction!™

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Stactiles are a great way to breathe new life into your old bricks. Our intuitive, open-ended designs mean that there are literally millions of brick combinations that can be used to customize the plates.

Reuse Your Old Bricks

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Stactiles invite curiosity and play. Stactiles can help teach design elements such as geometry, color, and use of space. Customizing Stactiles are a great birthday activity and they are also a unique party favor that your friends can take home and cherish.

Great for Home, Parties, and Classrooms

Introducing Stactiles